Catalogue des travaux de Jean Dubuffet
  This catalog is made up of 38 volumes (size 32.5 x 20.5 cm) and each one brings together a group of work from the same period. The publications allow a comprehensive familiarity with Jean Dubuffet's work from the beginning in 1917 until the last drawing on April 17, 1985.  
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fascicule VII fascicule VIII fascicule IX fascicule X fascicule XI fascicule XII
fascicule XIII fascicule XIV fascicule XV fascicule XVI fascicule XVII fascicule XVIII
fascicule XIX fascicule XX fascicule XXI fascicule XXII fascicule XXIII fascicule XXIV
fascicule XXV fascicule XXVI fascicule XXVII fascicule XXVIII fascicule XXIX fascicule XXX
fascicule XXXI fascicule XXXII fascicule XXXIII fascicule XXXIV fascicule XXXV fascicule XXXVI
fascicule XXXVII fascicule XXXVIII